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Cannes Destination BTF Domenica 27 Gen 2019 - 16:00

Break The Floor International

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Cannes Destination intodays-palais Martedì 29 Gen 2019 -


Cannes Destination BURGALAT Venerdì 01 Feb 2019 -

Congrès Tricatel - Bertrand Burgalat

Cannes Destination DeSonPropreChef Domenica 03 Feb 2019 - 16:30


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Cannes Destination PinkRoseFestival_logo Giovedì 07 Feb 2019 -

Pink Rosé Festival

Cannes Destination LaHarpeAuSommet Venerdì 08 Feb 2019 - 20:30


Cannes Destination Lesjumeaux2 Domenica 10 Feb 2019 - 16:00

Les jumeaux Vénitiens


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Original walks with a local, volunteer, this is the concept of tours proposed by the Greeters...

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Spa, escursioni, immersioni, vela ...

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Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where to go out at night in Cannes this summer ?...

It’s summer, it’s hot and the days are getting longer: it’s the perfect time to enjoy beautiful long evenings…all night long! And what better time for it, as ther...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where can you watch the World Cup in Cannes?...

For 4 years, the entire world has been waiting and it’s finally back!   Just as for your favourite players, physical and mental preparation is required for s...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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The best gift ideas for Mother’s Day in Cannes...

Mother’s Day is here, but perhaps you are still struggling to find the right gift? Follow the guide and discover a list of ‘Made in Cannes’ gift ideas just for he...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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An Easter weekend in Cannes...

It’s Spring, the birds are singing, the sun is beginning to show its face more and more and finally, Easter is here! Just for the occasion, I have selected the be...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Where can you do brunch in Cannes?...

Between breakfast and lunch, brunch is without doubt one of the high points of your weekend! Gourmet, healthy or trendy: to help you in your quest for the perfect...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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We’re celebrating Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday!...

Candlemas and Shrove Tuesday are two occasions to enjoy Provencal recipes: Bugnes (Angel Wings), Carnival Fritters and Pancakes. In our families, Candlemas marks ...


Cannes destinazione

Cannes Destinazione, il sito ufficiale dell'Ufficio di Turismo, vi permette, attraverso le diverse rubriche, di scoprire i punti principali della città e di trasformare il vostro soggiorno in un momento d'eccezione. I luoghi indimenticabili, la storia della città e del suo festival, le vie dedicate alllo shopping, gli spettacoli e i festival, le visite guidate, la vita culturale, gli alberghi ... tutto è a vostra disposizione, senza dimenticare le escursioni che vi porteranno a visitare i villaggi arroccati dell'entroterra ed ad ammirare dei panorami da togliere il fiato.

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