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Nouvelles technologies
Cannes Destination Cannes2 copieAQUA_out3_out-1 Martedì 14 Lug 2020 -


Nouvelles technologies
Cannes Destination LA CASTRE SOLAIRE-1 Martedì 14 Lug 2020 -


Cannes Destination Visuel2-%25C2%25A9-Fernande Mercoledì 15 Lug 2020 -

Portraits de femmes

Cannes Destination Cannes Jeune Ballet@NathalieSternalski Giovedì 16 Lug 2020 - 21:30

Cannes Jeune Ballet Rosella Hightower

Cannes Destination Jean-François Zygel (c) Denis Rouvre - naïve 3 G Sabato 18 Lug 2020 - 21:30

JEAN-FRANÇOIS ZYGEL improvise sur Beethoven

Cannes Destination _Dimitri Naiditch Lunedì 20 Lug 2020 - 21:30


Cannes Destination Orchestre de Cannes© Yannick Perrin Mercoledì 22 Lug 2020 - 21:30

Direction Benjamin Levy « In the mood for love »

Cannes Destination Alex Jaffray 3HD-®Vincent Calvet Giovedì 30 Lug 2020 - 21:30

ALEX JAFFRAY - Le son d’Alex

Cannes Destination Juan Carmona © Dario Caruso (3) Sabato 01 Ago 2020 - 21:30



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Discover Cannes while staying at home ... now you can! We look forward to seeing you again very soon in Cannes, but in the meantime, we can offer you a…

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Original walks with a local, volunteer, this is the concept of tours proposed by the Greeters...

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What is there to do in Cannes for Valentine’s Day?...

We have lovingly put together some ideas for a romantic break or activities to do as a couple in Cannes! Here are some package deals that have been especially put...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Mimosa in flower at La Croix des Gardes...

To start 2020 with a colourful stroll, head for La Croix des Gardes and its flowering mimosas. Less than a kilometre from La Croisette, a natural hilltop area hou...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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Off the Beaten Track in Cannes | 5 Ways to (Re)Dis...

(Re)Discovering Cannes Cannes. Simply by saying the name of this city, images flood into your head. Images of the Cannes Film Festival undoubtedly first spring to...

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Veggie, healthy, organic, in Cannes, we eat green!...

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Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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New places in Cannes that absolutely must be tried...

An overview of all the brand-new arrivals in Cannes: boutiques, restaurants, bars, beach… Don’t delay, come and try out our favourite places! Concept store Autour...

Où prendre un brunch à Cannes ?
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The Clubs...

Select establishment known throughout the world for their programme and quality services. Bâoli This glamourous VIP restaurant of high standing offers a tropical ...


Cannes destinazione

Cannes Destinazione, il sito ufficiale dell'Ufficio di Turismo, vi permette, attraverso le diverse rubriche, di scoprire i punti principali della città e di trasformare il vostro soggiorno in un momento d'eccezione. I luoghi indimenticabili, la storia della città e del suo festival, le vie dedicate alllo shopping, gli spettacoli e i festival, le visite guidate, la vita culturale, gli alberghi ... tutto è a vostra disposizione, senza dimenticare le escursioni che vi porteranno a visitare i villaggi arroccati dell'entroterra ed ad ammirare dei panorami da togliere il fiato.

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